A unique and special Akaroa feature.
Only a few one acre properties still exist in the Akaroa township and this is one of the most inspiring. The site was chosen very carefully to provide all year round sun, protection from the southerly winds and is above the frost zone. It was originally five acres but now consists of well manicured flower beds, roses, native trees and a petite vineyard. Awake to the sounds of native birds including the distinctive sound of the bellbird.
Our Environmental Programme acknowledges our interdependence with all living things and we operate with the belief that ecological, economic and cultural sustainability requires equity and balance among all things. Beaufort House Akaroa incorporates this philosophy into all of its business activities.

We invite our Bed and Breakfast guests to enjoy our hospitality and understand our environmental approach to this unique property. We encourage guests to meander along the pathways and perhaps find a private area to sit and enjoy the peace and serenity that this special property has to offer.