Au votre sante!

The Beaufort House Akaroa vineyard, planted in 1995, is located barely 100 meters away from where the early French settlers planted their grapes in the 1840’s.

vineyardThe north-facing terrace overlooking Children’s Bay on the beautiful Akaroa Harbour, along with the volcanic freely draining loam soil type, makes the location ideally suited to grape growing. The Akaroa climate is typified by hot dry summers and long autumns that yield grapes of intense flavour and optimal ripeness.

Wines are made by a local winery as part of the “Akaroa BYO” . The Back Yard Operators are a group of hobby grape growers located around the Harbour who all share a passion for wine. That is mostly drinking it, but we have been known to take an interest in vineyard practices under the careful guidance of our winemaker.

Two grape varieties have been planted:
Award winning winemaker Nicholas Brown from the acclaimed Black Estate in Waipara, produces the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay enjoyed by our guests.
Beaufort House produces its own label and the wine served at evening hosted drinks and canapés to our guests.


A light elegant style of pinot noir to be enjoyed early. It has attractive fruit characters coupled with soft tannins to provide a well-structured lingering finish.


Shows an abundance of ripe citrus fruit flavours in a distinctive Chablis style to give it an elegant structure and smooth finish.